Agency View – COMMENTS

Instructions for the Comments Tab in Agency View.

Reporting/Acting on Changes

Updated 03/01/19 Change Reporting Households must report within 10 calendar days of the change occurring when the household’s gross income exceeds the federal income threshold for the household size per the DHS Appendix C-4, Child Care Eligibility/Copayment Chart. The computer issues a notice to the client at certification and renewal informing the client of the […]

How to Look Up the Worker on a Case

The time may come when it helps to know the worker who took a certain action on a case or who left a particular case note in FACS. Perhaps you’re working on the same case or a related case and need to call or e-mail the worker directly to find out more information. If you’re […]

UpdatedOKDHSLive! Web Utility

The OKDHS Live! Utility can be used for the following: Updating Renewal Status; Viewing ODHS Live! submissions on a case; Updating the case address To access the OKDHS Live! Web Utility, open your internet browser and go to: Or, go to the OKDHS InfoNet Home page, under “Job Functions” click on “Adult & Family […]