Child Care Subsidy: EKL Screen

Check the EKL screen to view a list of child care authorizations (open, unfinished, and closed) for the case number entered.

To view this screen:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the screen
  3. Type EKL (space) and the case number
  4. Press ‘Enter’

Field Descriptions

EKL screen in IMS with fields Status, K1 Authorization Number, K4 Person Number, K12 Action Taken, Error, K40 Provider Number, K45/K56 Begin Date and Change Date, K47 Ending Date highlighted) Each field will need highlights to match each field listed in the article

K1 – Authorization Number
DC numbers are daycare authorizations
K4 – Person Number
Shows which child receives services
K12 – Action Taken
N=No errors
O=Errors Overridden
K40 – Provider Number
Shows the daycare facility’s contract number
K45/K56 – Begin Date/Change Date
When daycare services began or changed
K47 – Ending Date
When daycare services ended*
A 99/99/99 end date means this is an ongoing authorization
*Note: Closure actions taken after the 27th of the month must have an end date of the 1st of the next month.

To view more detail about a specific authorization on the EKL screen, type EK beside the authorization you want to see and press enter.

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