How to Process Adult Day Care

Step by Step instructions and flow chart

Resource – Vehicles

Policy and examples regarding vehicles as a resource.

Reporting/Acting on Changes

Updated 03/01/19 Change Reporting Households must report within 10 calendar days of the change occurring when the household’s gross income exceeds the federal income threshold for the household size per the DHS Appendix C-4, Child Care Eligibility/Copayment Chart. The computer issues a notice to the client at certification and renewal informing the client of the […]

Provider Change

The following are instructions on how to process a child care facility change.

Blended Unit Type

Through Pandemic Relief support measures, children who are eligible for the blended rate are coded as Weekly-5 to ensure that childcare providers are receiving the $5 incentive per day. This has been extended through Sept 2024. What is the Blended Unit Type? The blended unit type is used for school-aged children when care is needed […]