Prisoner Report (PRS)

Gives information and instructions concerning G1DX edit Prisoner Report (PRS)

UpdatedIncome – Adjusting SSI for New or Increased Income

When a client has new or increased income, DHS uses the current month’s income and resources to determine the current month’s benefit. SSI, on the other hand, uses income and resources received 2-3 months ago to determine the current month’s benefit. Due to this difference, policy [317:35-5-42(c)(2)] allows DHS employees to calculate what the anticipated […]


Sympathy is feeling “for” someone, ie. “I feel so bad for you.” “That thing that happened to you is awful.” A sympathetic response to someone’s circumstances may include an “at least ______” statement within the listener’s attempt to put a silver lining on the bad situation, hoping that it will make the other person “feel […]

Provider Change

The following are instructions on how to process a child care facility change.


Notice – when an action is taken to open, close, increase, or decrease benefits, the system sends a computer generated notice to a client. When a notice does not generate and should, the worker must issue a hand-generated notice.

Personal Development – Displays Commitment

A Leader’s Personal Development includes two parts, displaying commitment and seeking improvement. Both of these sets of behaviors provide an encouraging example to others. Displaying commitment requires development of 3 traits: Maintaining consistently high energy level; persisting and persevering over a wide range of favorable and unfavorable circumstances and a positive outlook. Previous Leadership articles […]

Qualifying Events

**Voter registration must be offered every time a client has a qualifying event**  **Voter registration must be offered no matter the amount of time that has passed since the last qualifying event. ** What are qualifying events? Qualifying events include: Applying for new AFS benefits or a SNAP certification renewal not initiated through OKDHSLive! A […]

EBT Card

Initial Certification Each client approved for child care must obtain an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Before being issued an EBT card, the client must watch the child care benefits video which explains how to use the card. At the interview, the worker should instruct the client to swipe their EBT card every day the […]

How To Edit Case Notes

In the Case Notes window, highlight the case note to be edited and click Edit. Your note will appear in a window like the one below. Type in the corrections and click Save Note. You may edit any case note that is less than 90 days old. Use the Edit function whenever you need to […]