Student Policy Examples

Examples of how student restrictions affect SNAP eligibility.

Need Factor Examples – School

Need Factor Determination Regarding School

Reporting/Acting on Changes

Updated 03/01/19 Change Reporting Households must report within 10 calendar days of the change occurring when the household’s gross income exceeds the federal income threshold for the household size per the DHS Appendix C-4, Child Care Eligibility/Copayment Chart. The computer issues a notice to the client at certification and renewal informing the client of the […]

Student Eligibility

Provider Change

The following are instructions on how to process a child care facility change.

Need Factor

Need factor – a term used in the Child Care Subsidy Program to denote why the client needs child care.

Individualized Education Program (IEP)

IEP – this term is an acronym for Individualized Education Program. Staff from the local school district and the parent or guardian completes an IEP for a child in need of special education services. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy:  340:40-7-3.1. Child with disabilities. SSP:  340:15-3-1. Eligibility and available services.

High School Equivalency Certificate

High school equivalency certificate – Persons seeking to obtain a high school equivalency certificate enroll in coursework that helps them pass a test that demonstrates they possess the knowledge equivalent to a high school graduate. Possible test include the High School Equivalency Exam (HISET), General Educational Development (GED), or the Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). […]

Blended School Age Unit Type

Blended school age unit type – a Child Care Subsidy unit type that may be authorized when a child needs care four hours or fewer per day Monday through Friday when school is in session and more than four hours per day Monday through Friday on school holidays.

Unit Type Examples

The following scenarios will give examples of which unit types to approve for child care benefits based on the Appendix C-4-C. Example 1 Joshua and Tammy visit the DHS office to complete an interview for child care subsidy benefits for their 1 year old son Seth. Both are employed as bank tellers. Joshua works morning […]