Interviewing: Eligibility: ADM-92 to Request Verification

Follow these steps to use the ADM-92 form to request verification

  1. From the FACS Toolbar, click the “Generate Forms” icon.SNAP FACS Adm-92 window, with "Generate Form" icon highlighted.
  2. Select the “ADM-92” option, and click Generate Forms.SNAP FACS Adm-92 Generate Form dropdown, "County Client Contact/Verification" highlighted.
  3. Click the “Select” button to select the appropriate household member to request verification from, and click OK."Select the Case Member to Whom ADM-92 is to be Sent" window with "Blake Paisley" selected and the "Select" button highlighted.
  4. Click in the check box beneath “PROVIDE PROOF OF ITEM(S) CHECKED ON THE BACK OF THIS FORM.”SNAP ADM-92 "Provide Proof" checkbox selected.
  5. Enter a date in the yellow selected box. The date must be at least 10 days from the current day, and must fall on a business day.
  6. Enter “SNAP” in the box beneath “YOUR BENEFITS/SERVICES.”
  7. If you are requesting verification for an application, check the box next to “WILL BE DENIED,” and enter the application date in the “EFFECTIVE” box. Otherwise, check “WILL BE CLOSED” and enter the date of the next effective month.
  8. Fill in the boxes requesting the worker’s name/email address, days in office, phone number, and fax number.SNAP ADM-92 Worker Information is filled out.
  9. Check the boxes next to each item that you are requesting verification for, using the text boxes to provide additional instructions to the client. For example, the text box can be used to be more specific about dates, which household member the verification is requested for, etc.
  10. Click the “OK” button.
  11. Print the ADM-92 to mail or give to the client, and send a copy to imaging for the case record.

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