EPPIC User Guide

Inquiry Tab Provider Information: Provider Inquiry Tab – Enter information for a provider search. Provider Search Results screen – Displays provider(s) that match the inquiry criteria. Click on PROFILE to display the PROVIDER PROFILE. Provider Profile screen – Displays information about a specific provider including star status. Authorization screen – Displays the children who are currently approved for […]

UpdatedPayment Adjustments/Manual Claims

Payment Adjustments Our goal is to keep manual claim processes to a minimum because they are very time intensive and delay appropriate payments to providers. If too many manual claims are completed each month, it defeats the purpose of an automated system. Manual claims should be kept to a minimum when applications are processed within 2 […]

Child Care Provider Contract Violations

Contract violations

Child Care Guidelines

Clients receiving Child Care benefits must meet these responsibilities: Choose a child care provider that has a valid contract with DHS Do not choose a one star child care center Do not choose a child care home for which I work Swipe EBT card every day that child attends child care facility Never swipe attendance […]