Child Care EBT Instruction Video

Article to house the link to English and Spanish versions of the EBT Child Care Video

SNAP Expungement

Timeframe of SNAP Expungement

EBT Monthly Reports & Semi-Annual Audits

EBT Specialists Form 10SC002E in the county offices are responsible for the day-to-day client training, card issuance, and problem solving for recipients and social workers. They work closely with the Electronic Payment Services Office. The Administrative Assistant is responsible for ensuring the following monthly reports are completed and submitted to EPS timely as well as […]

UpdatedEBT, Cash Assistance, and Other Cards

Description of different cards and their use.

Destroyed Food

Destroyed food – SNAP may replace food benefits when food was destroyed in a household misfortune.

EBT Card

Initial Certification Each client approved for child care must obtain an Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Before being issued an EBT card, the client must watch the child care benefits video which explains how to use the card. At the interview, the worker should instruct the client to swipe their EBT card every day the […]

Child Care Guidelines

Clients receiving Child Care benefits must meet these responsibilities: Choose a child care provider that has a valid contract with DHS Do not choose a one star child care center Do not choose a child care home for which I work Swipe EBT card every day that child attends child care facility Never swipe attendance […]

UpdatedChanges: Replacement of Destroyed Food

OAC 340:50-11-64 permits the replacement of food purchased with SNAP benefits lost due to a “household misfortune”. Power loss when caused by ice or storms may qualify for replacement. How to help clients who lost food? If a SNAP recipient reports they lost food due to the power outage, document their statement in FACS case […]