Child Care Subsidy: Child Care Plan

A client reports her work hours are 7:30 am to 4:30 pm. She states she has a 1-hour commute from her child care center to her place of employment. How much travel time should the worker allow in her child care plan?
Which of the following is an allowable choice of provider?
Clients may not choose a 1-star child care center. When the client wishes to use a 1-star center, the worker must give the client a list of 1+ and higher star centers in the client’s area from the Child Care Locator. The client must document on the list why no other facility will meet their needs and return that to the caseworker. When may exceptions be granted?
Alternatives to subsidized child care benefits should be explored by the worker and the client. If the alternative is a spouse who lives in the home, the client must use the spouse. If the alternative is someone else, the client has a choice whether to use this alternative. Which of the following are possible alternatives to child care benefits?
Which of the following are essential parts of the child care plan?
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