Monthly Audits

Process of monthly audits.

Need Factor Examples – School

Need Factor Determination Regarding School

Locking in Copayments and Number of Units/Unit Type

Description and example of Locking in Copayments

Authorization Coding

Child Care Plan

How to Submit an EBT-4

Instructions Step by Step in Completing an EBT-4 form for Child Care Payment Adjustments.

Incorrect Begin Date

Incorrect Begin Date procedures are used when there is a need for any child care to be covered on a day or days prior to the begin date on the incorrect authorization. This can occur when the incorrect begin date is submitted with a new child care certification or during a change of child care […]

Special Needs Rate

Special needs unit type or rate: a child care rate paid to child care providers in addition to the rate paid for a typical child for children meeting the definition of a child with disabilities. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-3.1. Child with disabilities, 340:40-9-3. Notices regarding child care eligibility, […]

Rate Child Care

Rate, child care – the daily amount paid to a licensed and contracted child care provider for a child approved for Child Care Subsidy benefits. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-5-1. Child care plan; 340:40-7-3.1. Child with disabilities; 340:40-9-2. Case changes; 340:40-10-4. Child care electronic benefit transfer (EBT) payment process; […]

Blended School Age Unit Type

Blended school age unit type – a Child Care Subsidy unit type that may be authorized when a child needs care four hours or fewer per day Monday through Friday when school is in session and more than four hours per day Monday through Friday on school holidays.