Child Care Subsidy: Presumptive Eligibility

Presumptive Eligibility processing means the worker may approve a maximum of 30-calendar days of child care based on limited information. As such, the client is “presumed” eligible until a full eligibility determination can be made. The client may or may not have a copayment depending on the circumstances of the case.

Presumptive Eligibility processing may be used when the applicant:

  • is in danger of losing a job or cannot start a new job unless child care is immediately approved (formerly referred to as “expedited” processing). In this circumstance it must be out of the applicant’s control to provide required verification and the applicant does not have the money to pay toward the cost of child care. Further care is not approved until the client provides proof of earnings;
  • is employed but has not received pay from the job and is not guaranteed a wage because he or she is self-employed or works on a commission only basis. Further care is not approved until the applicant provides proof he or she received earnings from the job;
  • requests protective or preventive child care. Further care is not approved until the client provides a written recommendation of the need for child care from a professional working with the family and the worker completes an extension request per OAC 340:40-7-8(f)

County staff may approve child care through the presumptive eligibility process for up to 30 calendar days. For directions on how to process Presumptive Eligibility approvals, refer to article Child Care Subsidy: Presumptive Eligibility Coding. Please do not leave the E section of the case open and simply close the authorization 30 days out. This may result in an incorrect copayment locking in for the eligibility period and an overpayment for the client.

The worker gives or sends the applicant an Adm-92 to inform the applicant what he or she needs to provide before further care is approved. When the requested information is received by the worker, a full eligibility determination is made.

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