Presumptive Eligibility Coding

Instructions for coding cases regarding Presumptive Eligibility

UpdatedCoding Protective/Preventive Child Care

County Staff may approve child care through the presumptive eligibility process for up to 30 calendar days. On the Child Care Tab in Eligibility Notebook: Application Source – Select appropriate choice Action Taken – Open Request Date – Date client contacts Agency and requests services Certification Date – Date eligibility for child care was determined […]


The worker may approve homeless families for a maximum of 30 calendar days of protective/preventive child care when the family does not meet another need factor. The definition of homeless includes families who do not have a fixed, regular, and adequate night time residence and includes families who: Temporarily share housing with other persons due […]

Presumptive Eligibility

Presumptive Eligibility processing means the worker may approve a maximum of 30-calendar days of child care based on limited information. As such, the client is “presumed” eligible until a full eligibility determination can be made. The client may or may not have a copayment depending on the circumstances of the case. Presumptive Eligibility processing may […]

Protective/Preventive Child Care

Child Care benefits may be approved for children as an intervention strategy in certain critical situations to help prevent neglect, abuse, or exploitation. It may serve to stabilize the family situation and/or enhance family functioning. It can only be used at applications, not able to be used at childcare renewal. Typical examples of this type […]