Household Size

Ensuring that the correct people are included in the child care household is very important.  When we fail to appropriately code individuals who must be included in the child care household, the family share copayment will be locked in at the incorrect level and this could result in an overpayment to the family as well […]

How to Certify SLMB

The coding to certify a case in FACS for SLMB

ICF/IID Authorizations vs. ICF Authorizations

Differences in coding between ICF Authorizations and ICF/IID Authorizations.

Correcting Cases for Incorrectly Processed SSP

Procedures for correcting cases when SSP (State Supplemental Payment) didn’t issue correctly due to agency error.

Presumptive Eligibility Coding

Instructions for coding cases regarding Presumptive Eligibility

Eligibility for Aliens and FACS Coding

Learn the different status types of aliens, what each can be eligible for and how they are coded in FACS

How to Synchronize ABD Medical and SNAP Benefits.

The ABD review date needs to be synchronized with SNAP to prevent multiple renewals for the client and prevent errors and additional work for the worker. If the ABD and SNAP benefits are certified at the same time, those dates will already be synchronized. If a new SNAP application is taken, the opportunity should be […]

How to Code for Eligible Couple (Short Term Medical)

Determine eligibility for an eligible couple & FACS Coding for Short Term Medical

How to Certify a Child Care Application (Non-Unfinished Issuance)

How to certify a child care case/authorization lines.

UpdatedHow to Process a Child Care Renewal

Steps to complete a child care review.