NewMonthly Audits

Process of monthly audits.

UpdatedNew Job Within 30 Days of Closure

Instructions regarding New Job Within 30 Days of the Job Search Period Closure Date

3 Month Job Search Approval and Closure

Instructions regarding 3 Month Job Search Approval and Closure

Job Search – Change of Providers

How to complete a change of provider on a closed Job Search approval.

ECC Connect App

Instructions regarding the ECC Connect App

Frustration Free Provider Changes

Article to house the link to the Provider Change Child Care Video.

Updated3 Month Job Search Coding Examples

3 month job search coding – approval, closure, change of provider, new cert after closure

UpdatedImproper Payments Error Rate Process

Improper Payments Process

UpdatedCOVID-19 Child Care Guidance

Guidance for Child Care Cases During COVID-19

Highlights of Policy Changes

The following policy changes are effective 3/1/19 and are paid for with increased federal child care funding.  The goal of these changes is to expand the number of high quality early educational opportunities for low income children and support family financial stability by increasing access to child care subsidies and decreasing copayments. Oklahoma Early Childhood […]