Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Many of the G1DX edit errors regarding SSI or RSDI income are connected to COLA changes that occur. These are cleared by correcting the income in FACS, if applicable, and clearing the edit using the IMS transaction. There are however, other edit errors to keep in mind when working with medical cases.

  • Edit Errors N98 and BEN03 may appear for those recently moving to or from other states. BEN03 specifically indicates a conflict or discrepancy with other states regarding social security income. Some states impose a tax on social security benefits even though the gross amount should be the same from state to state. Submit an ADM-92 to make contact with the client to confirm current income and place of residence. If nothing is received back or client contact not made, we can close on “failure to provide verification (45)”.
  • Edit errors N01 or N04 requires us to send ADM92 to verify income/resources to confirm if client may still be eligible for our standards for medical, despite the closure of SSI/SSA benefits. Send ADM92 to request the documentation. If not received, we are able to close medical and SSP on “failure to provide verification (45)”.
  • New hire edits SNH (state new hire) and NNH (national new hire), which indicate possible new employment may also appear on a medical case. We need to verify possible income for the medical case. Contact the household to inquire if there is a new source of income. If so, an ADM-92 request for verification will need to be sent. Normally if verification is not provided within the time frames required, the benefits are closed for failure to provide.
  • Another edit error is OWG, which is information from Oklahoma Wage Link. This displays earnings by quarter from employment for the individual. Verify with the household if there is current earned income or terminated income. Request income verification for current earned income or for months in which earned income was received if the job has ended. We have to check for possible overpayments to make sure the client was not over income after adjusting the SSI on the case for the months the earned income was received. Submit an overpayment if applicable.
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