Address Confidentiality Programs (ACP) – Worker Roles

Information regarding Worker responsibilities concerning the Address Confidentiality Program

G1DX Edit Errors for Medical Cases

Instructions regarding G1DX Errors and Medical Cases.

PS2 Instructions – Section A (General Information)

This is a list with descriptions of each Section A field in IMS.

EA Screen

Check the EA screen to obtain case and household information. To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type EA (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’ Field Descriptions A1 – Case Number A4 – County Number A7 – County Code A10 – Supervisor Number A13 – Worker Number A16 – Language Indicator […]

Concurrent Receipt of Assistance (Duplicate Participation)

Concurrent receipt of assistance or duplicate participation– is a term used when someone applies for or receives the same or similar assistance in two cases or states for the same month.

Address Confidentiality Program (ACP)

ACP – is the acronym for the Address Confidentiality Program. The ACP is administered by the Office of the Attorney General to assist victims of domestic violence. The ACP prohibits state agencies from requiring an ACP participant to provide his or her finding address. Policy regarding this term is located at: Public Assistance Procedures (all […]

Questions Workers Should Ask During Interviews

Use the following guide for interviews to assist you while you obtain the necessary information you need to determine eligibility for your clients.

SND Transaction for Section 8/Housing Authority Verification

Use the SND Transaction to obtain Section 8 / Housing Authority Verification

xmail Transaction

How to conduct an xmail transaction In IMS, type xmail. Enter the address into the xmail screen as shown. Press the enter key after the complete address is entered. The second page will display a list of cases by case numbers that are associated with that address.  ST stands for the current status of the […]