LIHEAP / ECAP: How to Check the Status of LIHEAP Application

All LIHEAP applications are processed by the centralized Energy Assistance Contact Center staff at OKDHSLive.


To check to see if the client has a current LIHEAP application pending, access OnBase. High traffic application periods can create a delay in the applications appearing in OnBase.

LIHEAP applications show as 830 AFS Application/Renewal

cs1 rev.

You will need to view the document to ensure the client is applying for (LIHEAP) energy assistance and the box is marked YES.

Applying for Energy Assistance? "Yes" is marked.

FACS Case Notes

Access FACS case notes to review for LIHEAP/ECAP information. See example case notes below.

csv rev.

cs4 rev.


In OnBase, go to the 830 AFS General Query, input the case number and select search.

This will provide you a list of all the documents connected to the case and you will be able to view verification the client provided as well as any ADM-92 sent the client.


Any document coded to County Code 90L is more than likely for the LIHEAP program. LIHEAP applications may be located in any county code.

cs 6 rev.

Mainframe (IMS)

LIHEAP Benefits

To check if a client has received LIHEAP benefits from DHS:

In IMS (Mainframe) enter BNX (space) and Case Number

LIHEAP Category (CAT) codes:

  • NH – Winter Heating payment
  • NE – ECAP payment
  • NC– Summer Cooling payment

An “I” in the CDE field indicates a payment has been issued.

If there is a “U” in the CDE field a payment has been returned to DHS.

BNX 1.

LIHEAP Authorizations

To view the completed authorizations use the 105 screens in IMS.

  • Winter Heating – 105HQ (space) and Case Number
  • ECAP – 105EQ (space) and Case Number
  • Summer Cooling – 105CQ and Case Number

If the authorization has been paid it will show a status of closed with an action of 1 and a reason 05.

LIHEAP 105 cq rev.

Some clients received direct payment of LIHEAP benefits from DHS if their utility provider is a non-participating LIHEAP provider. To check if a client has received direct payment of LIHEAP benefits from DHS:

In IMS enter BN (space) and Case Number

LIHEAP Category (CAT) codes:

  • ENH – Winter Heating payment
  • ENE – ECAP payment

ENC – Summer Cooling payment

LIHEAP 3 rev

LIHEAP Notices

To view LIHEAP notices in IMS type NL (space) and Case Number

NL 1.

To read a specific notice tab next to the notice you want to view and type NI enter

NI 2.

To view the pages of the notice you will need to hit the enter key, there is usually 3-4 pages on a notice. Example notice is shown here.

cs 13 review.


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