Long Term Care (LTC): Medicaid Income Pension Trust (MIPT) FAQs

The following are FAQs regarding Medicaid Income Pension Trust (MIPT) and the Long Term Care program:

When the MIPT Trustee passes away and secondary trustee takes over, do we close the case and start over?
We do not close the case. We dissolve the MIPT and establish new MIPT with new trustee.
The case is closed because the MIPT was not funded. What if it takes a month or so to get a new trustee and new MIPT? Do we re-open the date it was closed, or the date the new MIPT is set up and funded?
The case is reopened the date the MIPT is set up and funded unless a hardship is involved.
I closed a case due to an MIPT not being funded correctly, and I lost a hearing. The hearing judge stated you do not close the case, you write an overpayment for the months not funded. Is this correct?
Currently being funded – do not close. Write overpayment. Not currently funded – close case and write overpayment for the past.
If there was a misuse of funds in the MIPT, such as spouse used MIPT to pay for funeral, approximately how long will they allow for repayment to Oklahoma Health Care Authority? In this situation, could the trustee have requested to use the funds for the funeral expenses?
That is between OHCA and the trustee.
Regarding the explanation of what trustee needs to do to fully fund the MIPT, is a verbal explanation sufficient, or is more needed as the trustee could possibly say they did not understand what they needed to do?
The MIPT is a Legal contract and the trustee is responsible and can be held responsible for the funds. The trustee is given this document and can ask worker questions if they do not understand. The worker needs to spend some time explaining the process and check for understanding.
Client has an MIPT. Through a hearing in 2012/2013, there were several items that were stated in the hearing document that could be approved. Then there were more transactions approved by HRMS but there isn’t a list of what was approved. At this review there are 36 withdrawals from the MIPT account that the worker is trying to determine whether it is or not allowed. Is there a way to get a list of the approved transactions from HRMS?
A list of approved expenses from HRMS can be sent to the worker. They have the Hearing Summary for those approved by Legal.
MIPT is not funded, trustee was contacted, ADM-92 sent and it is still not funded. It will close Feb 1, if MIPT is not funded. Can I wait until Feb 28th so can reopen instead of dissolving MIPT and APS?
If the trustee is saying it will be funded, then we can wait until later into February to close.
Why can’t all the money be given to the nursing home instead of having an MIPT?
It is a good question. MIPT follows federal law and then each state decides on how to implement it.
How should the MIPT be set up if there is a need for a MIPT, but we are still waiting on income verification?
Ultimately the worker determines the amount needed to fund the MIPT and provides that amount to the family. DHS should not penalize the applicant for not fully funding the MIPT if they don’t know the amount it takes to fully fund it. If a MIPT is needed it should be established and funded as close as possible to required amount. They should not wait until all verification is received since it would delay eligibility date. NH approval cannot be done until the MIPT is established and fully funded. Once the verification is received and the required amount is determined the worker provided the correct amount to the family and request the MIPT be fully funded within 10 days for the application to be certified.
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