SNAP: UpdatedOK SNAP Works & ABAWD

All SNAP recipients are subject to the SNAP Work Registration policy. If a client does not meet a Work Registration exemption; and agrees to register to work, they are subject to the ABAWD work requirements.

  • The following are exemptions from the ABAWD work requirement. If the client meets any of the following, they are exempt from ABAWD work requirements and are eligible to participate without time limits.
  • Participates in and complies with the requirements of a work program 20 hours or more per week, averaged monthly. Work programs include
    • an Oklahoma Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Works (OK SNAP Works) assignment, not including job search, supervised job search, or job search training activities. However, if any of these activities are offered as part of other program components, are acceptable if those activities comprise less than half the total required time spent in components; or
    • any employment and training program that serves veterans operated by the Department of Labor or Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • works and participants in a work program for a total of 20 or more hours per week, averaged monthly,
    meets an exemption from the work requirements

Participation in the OK SNAP Works programs suffices for the 20 work hours per week requirement as long as it meets the criteria regarding the activities of job search, supervised job search , or job search training activities. This does not mean that the client must participate, as the OK SNAP Works program is voluntary to all. Since we are telling clients that they must meet work hours or they will lose their benefits due to ABAWD, we want to provide them with a way to meet those requirements and that is the OK SNAP Works program.

If the client does not meet any of the ABAWD exemptions, the client would be coded as an ABAWD. That client would need to automatically be referred to the OK SNAP Works program.

Please complete ABAWD lookbacks at each action and always update the ABWU screen and case note all changes.

If a client does not meet a Work Registration exemption, the client must state that they will register for work or will face being disqualified from SNAP.

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