UpdatedOK SNAP Works & ABAWD

Explanation of OK SNAP Works and Process with ABAWD Requirements

Hardship Extension Procedures

Procedure for Hardship Extensions

UpdatedEmployment and Training Referral Survey

Link to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Employment and Training Referral

Creating New Attendee Codes

Instructions for Creating New Attendee Codes

Training – Annual, Attendance Records, Certificates & E-Training

Guidelines for documenting Training

Bomb Threat

Instructions regarding Bomb Threats

County Director Process – New County Directors & Supervisors

Onboarding for New County Directors and Supervisors

County Director Process – Preparedness

Planning, training and drills are conducted per policy: OKDHS: 2-15-40 and 2-15-42 CD assigns employees to a safety committee to develop emergency preparations Support Service Division Risk and Safety Management Unit consults with the CD to ensure compliance with state and federal safety regulations Policy: OKDHS: 2-15-43

Tracking Assessments Coding (Educational & Training)

Display coding for Auth AT ASMT tab in FACS (Non Substance Abuse codes)

UpdatedIntroduction to Quest

Quest is an online tool available to any DHS employee.