UpdatedOK SNAP Works & ABAWD

Explanation of OK SNAP Works and Process with ABAWD Requirements

TANF and Child Care

Child care may be approved for any activity that is included on a TANF client’s TW-2, TANF Work/Personal Responsibility Agreement. When a TANF case closes for failure to participate in the TANF work activity (52A), the worker closes the child care benefit effective 90-calendar days from the date the client stops participating. When TANF closes […]

Non-Core Work Activities

Non-core work activities – TANF Work activities are classified as core and non-core.

UpdatedFailure or Refusal to Cooperate in Required Activities

Failure or refusal to cooperate or participate in required activities – occurs when the applicant or recipient does not agree to or complete program requirements.

UpdatedCommunity Partnership (CP)

Community Partnership (CP) – a term used for a structured TANF Work activity in which a TANF recipient performs work for the direct benefit of the community.  A CP may be approved for both public and non-profit agencies and organizations.  A CP assignment must be limited to projects that serve a useful community purpose and are […]

UpdatedCore Work Activities

Core work activities – a term used in the TANF program for TANF Work activities that always meet the federal work participation requirement.

UpdatedSanctions Process – Failure to Participate

The worker should ensure that persons fully understand their rights and responsibilities and the possible consequence of refusal to participate at the time of the initial interview and anytime changes are made to participation assignments. If the TANF recipient fails to participate in the TANF program as agreed, then the worker needs to review the […]

WORK – Determining Good Cause for Failure to Participate

Worker must contact individual to determine good cause. All contacts must be documented in case notes. Methods to contact client are as follows: Face to face interview (preferred) Telephone contact Home visit If worker is unable to contact client by the above methods THEN they may use Form 08AD092E (ADM-92), Client Contact and Information Request, […]