Aged, Blind, Disabled (ABD): Transferring Money from Special Needs Trust to ABLE Account

First Special Needs Trusts then, years later, ABLE accounts were created to allow people with disabilities to set aside money for certain future expenditures but still qualify for public programs such as SSI and Medicaid. Some people with an SNT are deciding they would like to establish an ABLE account with some or all of the money in their SNT. The SNT should specify that the trust be irrevocable and can only be closed with the agreement of OHS or OHCA. This is how to request approval of a transfer.

  • Send an email to OHS Legal (send it to Susan Eads and Aaron Parks) with the following information and documents:
    • A copy of the request to transfer funds showing
      • A copy of the SNT document
      • How much money is being transferred from the SNT
      • Information about the ABLE account
        • Is it new account
        • The balance of the ABLE account before the transfer
        • How much has been deposited into the account in the current calendar year
      • OHS Legal will review the information with OHCA’s Deputy General Counsel to decide if the transfer can be approved
      • They will reply to the email with the decision

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