How to Access Harmony from the InfoNet

Directions for Accessing Harmony from the InfoNet

Harmony Procedures – Changes

Harmony procedures concerning changes.

Harmony Procedures – Transitions

Procedures for ELDERS during case transitions

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – New Application Nursing Facility (NF)

Explanation of Harmony Procedures for a NEW application (NF)

Direct Care Provider List

Directory of Providers

Lump Sums

Explanation of Lump Sum Policy and Scenarios

Updated30 Day Out of Home Requirement (Hospital & Skilled Care)

Exceptions to the rules

ABCDM-83 (08MA083E)

Link to ABCDM-83

UpdatedHardship Waiver

Policy: 317:35-9-67 DDS Waiver 317:35-17-10 ADvantage 317:35-19-20 Nursing Facility Who submits hardship decisions? The Adult & Family Services (AFS) Family Services Specialist submits the request for a hardship decision (as opposed to: Nursing Home, APS, Family, etc.) Who makes hardship decisions? State Office; AFS/HR&MS must make the hardship decisions. When do I request a hardship? […]

How to Use MMIS

MMIS stands for: Medicaid Management Information System.  It is used to verify eligibility for medical programs. Access MMIS Extranet from your desktop or from the InfoNet.  Refer to article: How Do I Access MMIS Extranet from the InfoNet? On the initial screen of MMIS Extranet Page, click Eligibility Select from 4 options to look up […]