Production Achieving Results

The second part of Production, Achieving Results, requires 3 abilities: ability to overcome obstacles, stay on course, and complete projects successfully; skill at setting outcomes that require high standards; and getting results that impact positively on the organization as a whole “Managers who lead their people successfully will overcome obstacles, stay on course, and complete […]

Development of Others – Motivates Successfully

Successfully motivating others requires development of one’s “soft skills,” including the following awareness and abilities: An awareness of the motivational needs of others and the ability to respond to these needs by (1.) providing meaningful recognition for high quality work that is timely and accurate; (2.) showing sincere appreciation for extra effort; (3.) the ability […]

UpdatedChanges: Replacement of Destroyed Food

In light of the recent ice storms, please remember OAC 340:50-11-64 permits the replacement of food purchased with SNAP benefits lost due to a “household misfortune.” Power loss when caused by an ice storm may qualify for replacement. How to help clients who lost food? If a SNAP recipient reports they lost food due to […]