How To Initiate a TPQYC Request

Use the following procedure (TPQYC) in IMS to request information from Social Security Administration

Preventing QC Errors When Requesting Verification

What is TPQYC?

The TPQYC Screen in IMS, which means Third Party Query, is used to send an information request to the Social Security Administration concerning an applicant for medical while they are either waiting for their social security determination or they have not received their award letter. The request can also be used to obtain updated disability […]

UpdatedHow Do I Submit a Request for Equipment?

NOTE: Equipment requests are on hold until a new system can be established and “no” there is not currently another process to handle these. SSI-DCP will not purchase any education-related equipment to be used in a school setting. Federal law requires schools to purchase such items. ** If the cost of the request equipment is […]

UpdatedHousehold Examples & Coding

The following are examples of different types of child care households. In these examples we will determine whether or not the household member’s income is countable and whether or not he or she must meet a need factor. Example 1 Patti visits the DHS office to apply for child care for her 7 year old […]