Gemba Process / Collaborative Coaching – Client Customer Service

Gemba is used to describe visualizing and observing how work is done at the level of the worker. Assess the current state of work, without interruption or suggestion. After the process is complete, a Coaching conversation can take place, to identify strengths and also allow self-reflection of obstacles that workers encounter so that solutions can […]

Gemba Process / Collaborative Coaching – Quest Usage

Collaborative Coaching is a vehicle for the continuous growth, encouragement, and development of AFS employees. The first part of the Collaborative Coaching process is to observe the employee performing a job duty without giving solutions or suggestions. This is known as the Gemba Walk. After the Gemba is completed, you will conduct a coaching conversation […]

8 Steps in a Virtual Gemba

Although traditionally done in person, Gemba Walks can be done virtually through careful planning and by taking advantage of technology. In fact, a Virtual Gemba Walk may be more beneficial than one done in person. This is because the coach is only observing the process or work being completed instead of focusing on the person […]