Not Coaching vs. Good Coaching

A good definition of coaching is “the art or science of someone helping another reach higher effectiveness by creating a dialogue that leads to self-awareness and action.” Most often is it not merely the giving of an answer, but rather a conversation that allows the employee to discover the answer /solution. In this way the […]

Gemba Process / Collaborative Coaching – Client Customer Service

Gemba is used to describe visualizing and observing how work is done at the level of the worker. Assess the current state of work, without interruption or suggestion. After the process is complete, a Coaching conversation can take place, to identify strengths and also allow self-reflection of obstacles that workers encounter so that solutions can […]

The Feedback Model

Utilizing the Feedback Model invites clarity rather than conflict.

Communication Processing Information from Varying Perspectives

“Processes information from varying perspectives” consists of 3 behaviors: identifies the core elements of an issue; considers the pros and cons, as well as the short and long-term consequences of decisions; arrives at logical, clear conclusions Staff will have greater confidence in a supervisor who demonstrates their ability to process information from varying perspectives. For […]

Communication – 5 Behaviors of Listening

“Listens to the ideas and concerns of others” is composed of 5 behaviors: seeks ideas, suggestions, and opinions from others; creates a comfortable climate for airing concerns; listens to ALL points of view with an open mind; listens carefully without interrupting; summarizes input, then checks for understanding Effective listening occurs when you seek to understand […]