Field Manager Process – Skill-Based Pay

Skill Based Pay

Hostile Client De-escalation

Process for De-escalating a situation with a hostile client.

Field Manager Process – Quality Customer Service

Quality Standards

Gemba Process / Collaborative Coaching – Client Customer Service

Gemba is used to describe visualizing and observing how work is done at the level of the worker. Assess the current state of work, without interruption or suggestion. After the process is complete, a Coaching conversation can take place, to identify strengths and also allow self-reflection of obstacles that workers encounter so that solutions can […]

Phone Strategies

Phone Strategies

Bridges Out of Poverty – Study Guide

Study Guide Bridges

When Silence Isn’t Golden

We’ve all heard the statements, ‘silence can be deafening’ and ‘silence speaks louder than words.’ This is even more evident while on a phone call. Think about the times you’ve been placed on hold and how it made you feel. Did your level of agitation or frustration increase the longer you were on hold? Now […]

Which One Are You?

Can you show compassion to a caller?

The Other Side of the Phone

We most likely speak to clients and/or co-workers on the phone every day we come to work. It’s hard enough to try and decipher what’s going on in someone’s personal life when face-to-face, let alone over the phone. Yet our first instinct is to get irritated if we feel the person on the other side […]

Practical Application of Bridges Concepts

Having an understanding of the differences in the driving forces and hidden rules of differing individuals helps us to avoid judgements and negative reactions that break down working relationships.