CMC Screen

Check the CMC screen to obtain information regarding Case Members and Client ID Numbers: To view this screen: Login to IMS Clear the screen Type CMC (space) and the case number Press ‘Enter’ Case Status O = Open CO – County Identifier OFF – Office Identifier The data displayed on the CMC screen is as […]

Disqualification Coding


Roomer – a roomer is a person to whom the household furnishes lodging for compensation but not meals. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-7-11. Sources of income considered. LIHEAP: 340:20-1-14. Actions, method of payment, and notifications; 340:20-1-19. Winter heating; and 340:20-1-20. Summer cooling. SNAP: 340:50-5-5. Non-household members; and 340:50-7-30. Self-employed […]


Proration – benefits may be prorated from the application or reopen date instead of from the first of the month or from the date benefits are initially requested for an additional household member.  Income, resources, or deductions may also be prorated in certain situations.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Public Assistance Procedures (SSP […]

Household Composition

Household Summary