NewHousehold Composition and Expectant Parent

Policy changes concerning Expectant Parents and TANF Household Composition

Eligibility – Household Composition & Other Factors

AFS Handbook Information – Eligibility – Household Composition & Other Factors

Payee Changes

Instructions regarding scenarios where the payee needs to be changed.

Household Composition Gemba Card

Link to Household Composition Gemba Card

Household Composition

Explanation of what household members must be included, cannot be included, and may be included.

NON-PS2 Instructions (SNAP)

This is a list with descriptions of the non-PS2 fields in the FACS SNAP Tab.

UpdatedVerifying Adoption Subsidies and Foster Care Maintenance Fees

For households that receive Adoption Subsidies or Foster Care Payments, the amount and date paid can be verified through Finance Applications. Click on Financial Services. It is located on the Support Divisions dropdown menu on the InfoNet page. Click on Claim History Inquiries. Click on Inquire by Vendor Number / Social Security Number. Enter the […]

Household Composition

Household Composition

Separate Household

Separate household – a SNAP term indicating that one or more persons living in the same home purchases food and prepares meals separate and apart from the other household members. Policy regarding this term is located at: SNAP: 340:50-3-1. The application process; 340:50-5-1. Food benefit household composition; 340:50-5-28. Shelter for battered women and children; 340:50-7-31. […]