Instructions for the Health Insurance Tab in Agency View

PS2 Instructions – Section H (Third Party Liability)

This is a list with descriptions of each Section H field in IMS.

How to Code Third Party Liability (TPL)

Information regarding Third Party Liability (TPL) needs to be coded on the TPL tab in FACS so that the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) can make sure the private insurance covers their part before OHCA pays anything on a bill. Make a copy of the insurance card so the information from that card can be […]

Child Support – CIRIA Screen 5

The CIRIA screen is an inquiry screen to see information on the non-custodial parent (NCP), birth parent (BP) and the custodial parent (CP). This is a clone of the CIRI screen but does not contain Federal Tax Information data. The CIRIA screen has 5 pages. CIRIA is used to gain identifying information such as social […]

What is Insure Oklahoma?

Insure Oklahoma is an innovative program Oklahoma has created to bridge the gap in health care coverage for low-income working adults. Under the Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI) program, premium costs are shared by the state (60%), the employer (25%) and the employee (15%). The Individual Plan (IP) allows people who can’t access the benefits through their […]