TI Transaction – Absent Parent Information

Information regarding the TI Transaction in IMS. Absent Parent Information

PS2 Instructions – Section I (Absent Parent Information)

This is a list with descriptions of each Section I field in IMS

Child Support – CCPI

CCPI is an inquiry screen to see custodial person (CP) information. This screen is used to determine CP cooperation status with CSS. To view this screen: 1.     Login to IMS 2.     Clear the screen 3.     Type CCPI<space>family group number(FGN)<space>CP sequence number and press ‘enter’ OR from the CSML screen, tab to CP you want to […]

Household Composition

How to Reopen Child Care

The following are instructions on reopening child care benefits. Open the “Household Tab (Interview Notebook) Benefit Type = Social Services Status = appropriate status for all household members Effective Date (F27) = The first day for which child care is being reopened. This date should be the day after the closure date unless it’s a […]

Good Cause

Good cause – is a term used to indicate the applicant or recipient has a good reason for not cooperating with or fulfilling a program requirement to receive benefits.  Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy: 340:40-3-1. Application process; Refugee Resettlement Program: 340:60-1-6. Program eligibility and procedures SNAP: 340:50-5-68. Social Security numbers; […]

Failure or Refusal to Cooperate in Required Activities

Failure or refusal to cooperate or participate in required activities – occurs when the applicant or recipient does not agree to or complete program requirements.

UpdatedHousehold Composition & Income Consideration

340:40-7-6 One of the primary tasks to be completed during the childcare application process is to determine which household members must be included on the case. Three types of possible household members need to be considered. Parents Caretakers Children Parents All natural, adoptive, or step-parents must be included in the household. Parents who are temporarily […]

ELIGIBILITY – Program Violations

5 Types of TANF Program Violations Policy 340:10-3-57(g) Special Considerations There are 5 types of TANF program violations that can each result in a 25% reduction of benefits. When compliance is documented or the penalty time period ends, the penalty is removed for the next effective date. 340:10-3-57(g) When the reason for deprivation is absence, the […]


Complete and accurate case notes are important whenever you take action on a case or speak with a client. The information below provides important items to document in case notes that are specific to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program. New Application/Review Document the application date Record the face to face interview date […]