Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create an Email Signature Line

Instructions on Creating Signature Lines for Emails

Mental Model of Poverty

The Mental Model of Poverty gives us a concrete visual representation of the various aspects of life faced by individuals experiencing generational poverty. It gives us a visual to prompt discussion on the topic. The model was created by individuals living in poverty and depicts the interlocking nature of the elements. It shows us that […]

Empathy: A Client’s Perspective “The Other Side of the Desk”

There are many other sources of information you can access concerning Compassion. A resource that might be applicable include: A Client’s Perspective “The Other Side of the Desk”

Professionalism – Self Care

Integrity – Self-Assessment

QUIZ Integrity Self-Assessment

Professionalism – Self Care

UpdatedIntegrity – Behaviors

Integrity Behaviors from the AFS Values

Professionalism – Behavior

Your behavior is the greatest method of displaying professionalism. Actions speak louder than words. You should focus on the following professional behaviors: Speak honestly and with kindness. You should always think before speaking. Be polite, courteous, and respectful of others. Avoid gossip. This can strain relationships and is difficult to reverse. Maintain ethical behavior at […]

Customer Service – Attitude

Attitude Your attitude and mind-set are keys to being professional and can determine your behavior and even your presentation of material. To maintain a professional attitude, you should: Present a respectful demeanor when dealing with all individuals, whether client or coworker. Stay positive. Negativity can be contagious and affect an entire team. Commit to excellence […]

Professionalism – Knowledge

Professionalism also means you are trained to do a job well. Being an “expert” in your job is essential to being a true professional. In order to be knowledgeable you should: Seek out further training and educational materials in your field to stay current and provide expert information Be aware of current office policies and […]