Quality Standards LMS Course

Link to LMS Page with Instructions to complete Quality Standards online course.

Microsoft Outlook 2010: How to Create an Email Signature Line

Instructions on Creating Signature Lines for Emails

Mental Model of Poverty

The Mental Model of Poverty gives us a concrete visual representation of the various aspects of life faced by individuals experiencing generational poverty. It gives us a visual to prompt discussion on the topic. The model was created by individuals living in poverty and depicts the interlocking nature of the elements. It shows us that […]

Quality Service Kickoff Part 4

Quality Service Kickoff Part 1

Quality Service Initiative

Introducing the AFS Quality Service Initiative. Learn about the four key areas of Quality Service.

Professionalism – Tips to Overcome Barriers to Developing Professionalism

(1)“I don’t have enough time.” New and experienced workers and supervisors can easily become overwhelmed with the amount of work coming at them on any given day.  “How do I prioritize and juggle all the demands?” Resources: Time Management Checklist Refer to article: Collaborative Coaching: Collaborative Coaching Gemba Card (2)“I don’t know what’s expected of […]

Quality Service – Pledge of Commitment

To demonstrate my commitment to Quality Service at the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, I agree to abide by the following Quality Service Standards in all aspects of my work and to serve as role model of these standards to my co-workers, colleagues, partners and clients. Quality Service Pledge of Commitment

Compassion: A Client’s Perspective “The Other Side of the Desk”

There are many other sources of information you can access concerning Compassion. A resource that might be applicable include: A Client’s Perspective “The Other Side of the Desk”

8 Steps in Quality Service

“Customer Service” refers to how we relate to each other daily. Our customers are external (e.g., clients) and internal (e.g., employees). It is important that we respond to our customers with professionalism, compassion and integrity. It is also important that employees, clients, and work places are free from harm or danger. Safety is everyone’s business […]