Using the Manual Case Assignment Tool

Manual Case Assignment Tool

OKDHS Live! Using EWA to Associate Workers with Assignment Methods

Associating workers with Assignment Methods

OKDHS Live! Using EWA to Set Assignment Types

Assignment Types Set Up Instructions

OKDHS Live! EWA for Zip Code Maintenance

The zip code maintenance feature of OKDHS Live! allows the administrator to view which zip codes are associated with a particular Human Services Center; which Human Services Center(s) are associated with a zip code; and has a maintenance feature so the user may associate or dis-associate zip codes with a Human Services Center. The zip […]

Mid-Certification Renewals

Mid-Certification Renewal The term “Mid-Certification Renewal”, or “MCR” is use to describe benefits for which a renewal (but not a new application) is needed in order for those benefits to continue. Recipient Notification When a Human Services Center is included in the OKDHS Live! process the recipients in that service area will receive an “OKDHS […]

SNAP Certification Renewal

The term “SNAP Certification Renewal” is used to describe SNAP benefits in their final month of eligibility. Recipient Notification When a case has SNAP benefits due for a SNAP Certification Renewal, an OKDHS Live! Renewal notice is mailed to the recipient.  The OKDHS Live! renewal notice is a one page notice that directs the recipient […]

OKDHS Live! Auto-Renewals

OKDHS Live! – Criteria for SNAP auto update: For SNAP Mid-Certification Renewals (aka “Reviews”)     Address must be in Oklahoma No separate household No students >18 and <50 No fleeing felons No earned income No self employment income Unearned income matches Unearned income on PS2 No medical expense No child support expense No person S/O/14 […]

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