SNAP: UpdatedFDENY 45 Rules

When a SNAP interview has been completed, but verification is required, the client is given an 08AD092E (ADM-92) detailing the needed verification. The worker will then open the FDENY screen in IMS and put it in FDENY status for reason 45 (Verification Needed).

If there is less than ten (10) days before the application expires, you CANNOT place the case in FDENY 45 status. In this situation, the worker must physically take action to approve or deny the case at the appropriate time.

Remember that a new application is not needed when a household completes the application within 30 calendar days, is denied for failing to provide verification, then provides the required verification within 60-calendar days. When the household waits until the second 30-calendar day period to provide the verification, there is a break in benefits and the worker changes the application, certification, and effective dates to the date the verification is provided.

A client may re-apply after an FDENY 45 denial (perhaps through OKDHSLive!) during the second 30 calendar days. This application would be considered a duplicate application. The client would need to be notified to provide the missing verification. A remedy request would need to be made to back off the application status.

Food and Nutrition Services no longer allow states to postpone the interview requirement. 340:50-11-5.

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