LIHEAP Staff Responsibilities

AFS Handbook Information – Staff Responsibilities

Hostile Client De-escalation

Process for De-escalating a situation with a hostile client.

Support Staff Overview

Overview of Support Staff section in Quest.

Support Staff Quest Guide

Document Link to PDF AFS Support Staff Quest Guide

Support Staff Responsibilities

The following are FAQs regarding the role of support staff with the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA). What are the Support Staff voter registration responsibilities as the first point of contact for DHS? When a client comes to the office regarding a qualifying event and does not want to see a worker, support staff is […]

How to Use the EO Screening Tool

To streamline the application process and determination of expedited services, DHS has approved the use of a web based program, the EO Screening Tool. The tool itself does the calculations to determine EO eligibility based on the information entered (See the script that appears in the sections ‘Script’ and ‘EO Food Stamp Benefits Eligibility’. The […]