SNAP: Disqualifications (FSD Transaction)

Disqualified household members are individuals who are disqualified from receiving SNAP benefits for any of the following reasons:

  • Individual who commits program violations or fraud
  • Fleeing Felon
  • Probation or parole violator
  • Person who fails to register to work

The FSD transaction is first used to determine if an individual is disqualified and if yes, the length of the disqualification period.
NOTE: The FSD screen only displays information on disqualifications that are due to fraud.

To view the FSD screen:

  1. Login to IMS
  2. Clear the screen
  3. Type FSD (space) and social security number
  4. Press ‘Enter’


The FSD screen will show the length of the disqualification and the begin date.

The information shown on the FSD screen can also be viewed from a Case Scan Report (ACES). You may also receive an error while saving the case that states that the person may not be eligible. However, this is not a guarantee so be sure to do your due diligence in reviewing screens!

For any further questions, please reach out to your supervisor for help with disqualifications.

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