Disqualifications (FSD Transaction)

How disqualifications appear on FSD Screen in IMS, instructions to call.

Disqualifications and Monetary Penalties

An important part of the claim establishment process is determining who is at fault. A claim is either the result of a DHS or household error. A household error claim may occur unintentionally through an honest mistake, or intentionally through misrepresentation of facts or fraud. SNAP and TANF household errors with fraudulent intent are called […]

Food Stamp Disqualification Screen

FSD – is an acronym for Food Stamp disqualification screen.  When a client is disqualified for food benefits due to fraud in any state, the FSD screen shows the date the disqualification began and the length of the disqualification period.  Policy regarding this term is located at: SNAP: 340:50-9-5. Changes after application and during the […]