Applications & Tools: Harmony Procedures – Case Number Changes for ADvantage or SPPC Cases

When a client’s ADvantage Waiver or SPPC benefits are changed from one case number to a different case number; the procedure is as follows:

  • Worker sends an email to explaining that the case number has changed. Worker gives the Help Desk the old case number and the new case number and specifies which one is the old number and which one is the new number.
  • Worker will close out the LTC authorization on the old case number for the next effective date. If the open service is ADvantage, then the worker will also put a WN in F199 and the next effective date as the end date in F200.
  • Worker will completely certify the new LTC authorization on the new case number. If the open service is ADvantage Waiver, then the worker will also code blocks F199 and F200 appropriately. F199 will be the same code that was previously used on the old case number prior to entering WN. F200 will be the certification date of the new case so there is no break in benefits between the two cases.
  • A new Harmony application is not needed when a case number changes as there is already an open/approved service in Harmony for the client. The will simply update the case number in Harmony based on the email from the worker.

This procedure applies only to ADvantage Waiver and SPPC. It does not apply to changes in case number for Nursing Home cases. Do not send an email to the Help Desk if a Nursing Home case number changes.

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