Appendix C-4 Overview

Effective March, 1 2019 the DHS Appendix C-4 will be revised to include the following changes recommended by the Federal Government:   1. Income Eligibility set at the federal maximum (85% of SMI) This will eliminate separate entry and exit thresholds and the graduated phase out. 2. Remove number of children in care as a […]

BENDEX State Codes

State/Agency Part A (HI) Code Part B (SMI) Code Alabama S01 010 Alaska S02 020 Arizona S03 030 Arkansas S04 040 California S05 050 Colorado S06 060 Connecticut S07 070 Delaware, Public Assistance S08 080 District of Columbia S09 090 Florida S10 100 Georgia S11 110 Guam N/A 650 Hawaii S12 120 Idaho S13 130 […]