Child Care Information

Once a client has registered on the OK Benefits site, they will be able to login to enter the “My Services”, “My Benefits” pages. For steps on how to navigate to the My Services screen, please refer to article OK Benefits: How to Navigate Through My Benefits Once a customer has selected the particular case […]

TANF and Child Care

Child care may be approved for any activity that is included on a TANF client’s TW-2, TANF Work/Personal Responsibility Agreement. When a TANF case closes for failure to participate in the TANF work activity (52A), the worker closes the child care benefit effective 90-calendar days from the date the client stops participating. When TANF closes […]

Appendix C-4 Overview

Effective March, 1 2019 the DHS Appendix C-4 will be revised to include the following changes recommended by the Federal Government:   1. Income Eligibility set at the federal maximum (85% of SMI) This will eliminate separate entry and exit thresholds and the graduated phase out. 2. Remove number of children in care as a […]

03/01/19 Appendix C-4

Link to Appendix C-4

Unfinished Issuance Examples & Coding

Examples and directions for unfinished issuance.

Locking in Copayments and Number of Units/Unit Type

Description and example of Locking in Copayments

Income Consideration and Calculations


Household Composition

Incorrect Begin Date

Incorrect Begin Date procedures are used when there is a need for any child care to be covered on a day or days prior to the begin date on the incorrect authorization. This can occur when the incorrect begin date is submitted with a new child care certification or during a change of child care […]