NewIncome – Garnishment, Overpayment, or Deferments

For ABD benefits, always count the gross.

UpdatedLump Sums

Provide Policy Interpretations regarding ABD Cases and Lump Sums

Dual Entitlement

ITS 317:35-5-42 (12) When BENDEX is used to verify Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) benefits, drop any cents from the gross benefit amount in BENDEX Field B27 and use only the whole dollar figure. For example, drop $349.50 to $349.00. There may be a scenario where an individual is dually entitled to receive RSDI […]

How to Round SSI and RSDI for Medical

Guidelines on rounding SSI and RSDI income for Medical Eligibility Determination

Income – Unearned Income Checklist

Key Points in Reviewing Unearned Income

Social Security Claim Numbers

Claim Numbers Social Security

Lump Sums

Explanation of Lump Sum Policy and Scenarios

Income Deductions (Eligible Individual with Ineligible Spouse)

How to divide the income deductions in FACS between an eligible individual and the ineligible spouse.

Social Security Early Retirement and Categorical Relationship

Impact of Early Retirement on Eligibility

Applications – ABD Related & SSA Appeal

Information regarding previously denied applications and when they can be used again to certify a medical benefit.