Quality Service Kickoff Part 2

Compassion – Barriers & Solutions: Systemic

Systemic Barriers Some things that hinder compassion can be caused by the process itself. For example. You or your client has had a difficult past experience that affects both perception and behavior. We all have other responsibilities (e.g., deadlines, meetings, etc.) that compete for our time and energy. The atmosphere is hectic where we work […]

Compassion – Barriers & Solutions: Cultural

Cultural Barriers Some things that hinder compassion are related to: Personal Bias; Different Values; Language differences; or Ethnicity. Cultural Solutions Some simple ways we can address the cultural barriers to compassion are to… Be Self-Aware: Identify your own biases and prejudices; Challenge your own preconceived ideas of what and who people are; Recognize biases and […]

Compassion – What is Compassion? Overview

We are comfortable with evaluating accountabilities, such as timeliness and accuracy. We are also familiar with the evaluation of behaviors, such as teamwork and problem-solving abilities.