TANF Eligibility Verification Guide

Eligibility Factors and Acceptable Verification

ELIGIBILITY – Relationship of Child to Payee

If not Bio/Adopted payee must be in the fifth degree of relationship.

Compassion – Barriers & Solutions: Systemic

Systemic Barriers Some things that hinder compassion can be caused by the process itself. For example. You or your client has had a difficult past experience that affects both perception and behavior. We all have other responsibilities (e.g., deadlines, meetings, etc.) that compete for our time and energy. The atmosphere is hectic where we work […]

Common-Law Marriage

Common-law marriage – a type of marriage recognized in Oklahoma in which two people agree that they are married, live together, and present themselves as husband and wife without benefit of a legal ceremony.

Household Examples & Coding

The following are examples of different types of child care households. In these examples we will determine whether or not the household member’s income is countable and whether or not he or she must meet a need factor. Example 1 Patti visits the DHS office to apply for child care for her 7 year old […]