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Quality Standards

Support Staff Quest Guide

Document Link to PDF AFS Support Staff Quest Guide

Quality Standards LMS Course

Link to LMS Page with Instructions to complete Quality Standards online course.

When Silence Isn’t Golden

We’ve all heard the statements, ‘silence can be deafening’ and ‘silence speaks louder than words.’ This is even more evident while on a phone call. Think about the times you’ve been placed on hold and how it made you feel. Did your level of agitation or frustration increase the longer you were on hold? Now […]

Which One Are You?

Can you show compassion to a caller?

The Other Side of the Phone

We most likely speak to clients and/or co-workers on the phone every day we come to work. It’s hard enough to try and decipher what’s going on in someone’s personal life when face-to-face, let alone over the phone. Yet our first instinct is to get irritated if we feel the person on the other side […]

Quality Standards Campaign Materials

The following are links to a variety of publications that make up the Quality Standards Campaign Materials. There is an assortment of Banners, Peer-to-Peer Cards, Posters, and Formal Certificates to serve as reminders for practicing Quality Service and for recognizing employees that demonstrate excellence in any of the key areas of Safety, Integrity, Professionalism, and […]

Safety – Reporting a Workplace Accident

REPORTING A WORKPLACE ACCIDENT It is each employee’s responsibility to notify his or her supervisor (If the supervisor is not onsite, the administrative assistant should be contacted and will initiate the process), immediately after an incident occurs regardless of how slight the injury may seem to be. Following the instructions on the Worker’s Compensation website […]

Quality Service Kickoff Part 4

Quality Service Kickoff Part 3