Shelter Expenses Gemba Card

Document & Resource for Gemba of Shelter Deduction

UpdatedSNAP Quality Control (QC) Fact Sheet

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding QC

SNAP Case Note Reference Guide

SNAP Case Note Reference Guide

Targeted Case Reads: SNAP Application / Recertification

Instructions on reviewing case notes.

Preventing QC Errors When Requesting Verification

Case Record

Case record – is an accumulation of material required to document a client’s eligibility for and receipt of benefits.  The case record includes information in physical working and history records, all imaged documents, and all electronically maintained data associated with the same case number.  For legal requirements and audit purposes, the Oklahoma Department of Human […]

Why is SNAP important?

SNAP helps provide additional nutritional benefits for households in Oklahoma

Best Practices

What to cover when interviewing a client