OKDHS Live!: OKDHS Live! Auto-Renewals

Some cases are eligible for auto-renewal at their mid-certification renewal (MCR).  Below are the criteria that allows for the case to be auto-renewed. These cases show up with a complete MCR coded in IMS and a case note notating “Auto Renewal Completed in OKDHSLive”.

For SNAP Mid-Certification Renewals (aka “Reviews”)

  • Address must be in Oklahoma
  • No separate household
  • No students >18 and <50
  • No fleeing felons
  • No earned income
  • No self employment income
  • Unearned income matches Unearned income on PS2
  • No medical expense
  • No child support expense
  • No person S/O/14 with resources
  • No change in household composition (no one added to or removed from household)

We do not complete auto renewals on SNAP certification renewals as it does not comply with FNS requirements.

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