OKDHS Live! Auto-Renewals

OKDHS Live! – Criteria for SNAP auto update: For SNAP Mid-Certification Renewals (aka “Reviews”)     Address must be in Oklahoma No separate household No students >18 and <50 No fleeing felons No earned income No self employment income Unearned income matches Unearned income on PS2 No medical expense No child support expense No person S/O/14 […]

Mid-Certification Renewal

UpdatedBenefit Renewal

Benefit renewal – the term used for the semi-annual or annual eligibility determination made following an initial benefit certification. Policy regarding this term is located at: Child Care Subsidy:  340:40-5-1. Child care plan; 340:40-7-3. Age requirements; 340:40-7-8. Defining the need factor for child care benefits; 340:40-7-11. Sources of income considered; 340:40-9-1. Review of child care […]

Mid Cert Renewal: Reopening

This article will explain what date and income to use on reopening mid cert renewals.