LIHEAP Hearing Request

Instructions regarding LIHEAP/ECAP

UpdatedHearing Responsibilities and Procedures

Fair Hearing responsibilities and procedures.

Fair Hearings and Overpayment Claims

Fair Hearing requests will often be sent to the county office of record for a case. If the overpayment being appealed was submitted / written by an employee at the county office, it is the responsibility of that employee (or another designated county office employee) to complete the hearing summary (Form 13MP002E, H-1-A) and represent […]

Disqualifications and Monetary Penalties

An important part of the claim establishment process is determining who is at fault. A claim is either the result of a DHS or household error. A household error claim may occur unintentionally through an honest mistake, or intentionally through misrepresentation of facts or fraud. SNAP and TANF household errors with fraudulent intent are called […]

Imaging Overpayment Records

It is federally mandated that counties mark case folders as “DO NOT DESTROY’ when there is an overpayment on the case. Because all counties have begun imaging case records. Benefit Integrity and Recovery (BIR) has had to consider the best way to ensure these overpayment records remain intact and do not get deleted, that the […]

Benefit Integrity and Recovery FAQ’s

How do I contact the Benefit Integrity and Recovery and what does the section do? You can e-mail Benefit Integrity and Recovery (BIR) at or call at 405-522-0933. BIR is responsible for establishing claims and recovering over-issuances for Adult and Family Services (AFS) programs. BIR is charged with ensuring overpayment claims are written according […]