Updated3 Month Job Search Coding Examples

3 month job search coding – approval, closure, change of provider, new cert after closure

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – Financial Eligibility

ELDERS Procedures regarding Financial Eligibility

Field Manager Process – Skill-Based Pay

Skill Based Pay

How Do I Check the Status of an Equipment Order?

To access the AUSNE screen in IMS, enter EKL <space> case number. Tab down to the SN authorization line next to the appropriate vendor listed, and type AUSN next to the authorization. Look Under “HRS APR” to check to see if order has been approved.The codes are as follows: A Approved R more Information Requested […]

UpdatedPost Adoption Scenarios

340:40-7-12(6) Child care is available to parents who have adopted a child through DHS when the following policy requirements are met: The child has been adopted through DHS or a federally recognized Indian tribe, as defined by the Federal and Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Acts, by the parent who is applying for benefits; The adoptive […]

Work Schedule Scenarios

Scenario #1 Julie is in the county office to apply for child care for her 3 year old child. Julie has an ongoing job and states she works 30 hours a week, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm. Julie provides two bi-weekly pay stubs. Check #160 hours; gross amount $480.00 Check #260 hours; gross amount […]