How to Process Adult Day Care

Step by Step instructions and flow chart

3 Month Job Search Coding Examples

3 month job search coding – approval, closure, change of provider, new cert after closure

UpdatedHarmony Procedures – Financial Eligibility

ELDERS Procedures regarding Financial Eligibility

Field Manager Process – Skill-Based Pay

Skill Based Pay

Post Adoption Scenarios

340:40-7-12(6) Child care is available to parents who have adopted a child through DHS when the following policy requirements are met: The child has been adopted through DHS or a federally recognized Indian tribe, as defined by the Federal and Oklahoma Indian Child Welfare Acts, by the parent who is applying for benefits; The adoptive […]

Work Schedule Scenarios

Scenario #1 Julie is in the county office to apply for child care for her 3 year old child. Julie has an ongoing job and states she works 30 hours a week, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 2:00pm. Julie provides two bi-weekly pay stubs. Check #160 hours; gross amount $480.00 Check #260 hours; gross amount […]